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(say "Ampersand ")

© Seth Kimmel, Bass Maker, Eugene, Oregon, USA



      I have been working on improving the action and utility of my extensions for several years.  The capos feature state of the art three way adjustability.  You can tune them by moving them up or down the string, you can tighten or loosen them to adjust how stiffly they turn,  and you can adjust the height to press the string down more or less snugly. I  have my capos locally custom CNC milled out of Delrin for lightness, durablity and consistency. The aluminum brackets are also made especially for me, and d then I anodize them to blend in better with the capos. 

"To B, or not to B, but rather to C?" That is the question.

New&B  above /left

Classic &C below

New Ampersand; get it?

Like New Amsterdam.

image of New &B extension with adjustable capos ©2017 by Seth Kimmel
image of Milanese Bass with Low B extension ©2017 by Seth Kimmel

      These extensions are held on by string tension and so require no holes in, or notching of, the scroll (although I typically put a small screw under the nut to keep it from getting bumped out of place if it gets a good whack). The low string is tuned with the regular E tuner.

      Another recent refinement is that I now employ a double pulley system  (which makes it look like an "&") in the New&B (say "New Ampersand B") extension which not only allows the string to wind on easily, and the use of a standard length string, it also decreases the length of the extension so that the bass will fit in a standard soft bag and be far less likely to run into door jambs!

   Step down & push your sound to a new low with an Ampersand Extension.


     Both low C and low B are available.

#52 for the USMC with an &C extension
of Bass #52 with &C extension image ©2017 by Seth Kimmel

     A student at Indiana University with one of my removable neck basses reports that he appreciates that his &C extension is also easily removable too since it allows it to fit in a smaller flight trunk.


      Although I have had several requests, I only build extensions for Seth Kimmel basses. Also, I need to have your bass in my shop to create its extension, because each one is custom  carved and fitted for a solid connection to that unique scroll. 

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