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Bass Sales

September 10, 2023

  Dear Bass Friends,


         We are settling in nicely to our new home--affectionately nicknamed Shady grove Moss and Lichen Ranch.  The dog loves it out here and the cats enjoy having a larger house to roam around in.  They are all actually getting along pretty well now.

    Seth and his luthier friend Mitch Moehring hosted a discussion on vocabulary in describing tone at he ISB convention in Ann Arbor in June.  Seth sent took the Cat and Mouse Doghouse (#75) along for the competition even though it had been locally sold beforehand. It made the trip there and back safely and won an honorable mention for Convention Favorite, which is Seth's most valued category. 

    Seth is literally out putting the last coat of varnish on bass #76, which is the first bass to be built in the new shop.  It is a very exciting bass as it is a new model, very closely based on the bass which is owned by the Minnesota Orchestra and played by Principal Kristen Bruya.  She has commissioned Seth to make her a "player's copy." Though it will employ Seth's modern luthiery techniques and different woods, it will be shaped exactly like the Guarnerius for ease of transition in practicing, and will enable her to travel without risking the ancient Italian.

     For occasional process photos, sometimes featuring Epli the Icelandic Sheepdog, Jerry, follow Seth on Instagram @sethkimmelbass ! 


     Play what you love; love what you play.




      Click the above logo for a link to a credit union that gives loans to its artist/musician members for artistic endeavors such as purchasing an instrumentThey let students co-sign loans with their parents and they are pretty flexible about how you show your income, too. You can buy an instrument with (I think) as little as 10% down and the interest rates are low.  

     The president is even a bass player!

©2019 by Seth Kimmel  Bass maker/luthier of American made, real wood, hand-carved, double bass violins; Eugene, Oregon, USA

Kimmel basses range from $24-40K, with a 20% discount for any level of student!

     "At no point have I felt like I was being 'sold' a bass. Rather, I felt like this was a collaborative process and that the goal was to work together to create an instrument that would be the newest and finest double bass made in America. I truly believe you have succeeded with #20."

​            Glenn Dewey  - -

              Principal Bassist  for The President's Own U.S. Marine Band and Chamber Orchestra and Professor of Double Bass/Coordinator of Strings at  George Mason University

Tyler Abbot --UOregon Bass Department-- on bass #68.

Also, here is a link to Tyler and Seth (separately) discussing this bass and this piece with Brian McWhorther of Orchestra Next on their podcast.

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