Bass Sales

February 3, 2021

      Dear Bass Friends,


      Punxatawny Phil says 6 more weeks of winter, so here are a few videos to make the cold nights a little bit more cozy.  First, here is our friend (and owner of #55) Will Gibbs doing a few demonstrations of Bass #69 in our "clean room" so you can hear a little of what it sounds like. It is made with specialty woods at no surcharge, because that is the wood Seth wanted to work with and he thought it would be a nice "pandemic special" to offer it at a bit of a discount.

       Then, here on the Mill St. Milanese page is another talented friend and 1 man University of Oregon Bass Department, Tyler Abbott, playing his #18 which is essentially the same bass as #69 except 10 year sold! This was recorded  in 2019, so don't worry that they aren't wearing masks even though the date on the video says 2020!


     Last, but definitely not least,  just below this note you can find Tyler playing his new baby, #68 in a cool Pandemic Style rendition of a Piazolla piece actually written for bass.


      Remember, as always, to play videos over speakers or headphones!

     In addition to #69,  we also have #62,  a sweet Pacific Violone for sale.   We do have the aforementioned "clean room" for local visits, so we have had a few folks come over to try them out and give reviews and make a video or two. Nevertheless, until the pandemic is more under control, we unfortunately cannot recommend traveling to play them of course. 


       In addition to the Pandemic Discount on #69, remember students always get 20% off, and professional players/music teachers get 10% off. 


     Wash up, wipe down, mask up, and have fun playing until we can play together again.




      Click the above logo for a link to a credit union that gives loans to its artist/musician members for artistic endeavors such as purchasing an instrumentThey let students co-sign loans with their parents and they are pretty flexible about how you show your income, too. You can buy an instrument with (I think) as little as 10% down and the interest rates are low.  

     The president is even a bass player!

©2019 by Seth Kimmel  Bass maker/luthier of American made, real wood, hand-carved, double bass violins; Eugene, Oregon, USA

Kimmel basses range from $24-40K, with a 20% discount for any level of student!

     "At no point have I felt like I was being 'sold' a bass. Rather, I felt like this was a collaborative process and that the goal was to work together to create an instrument that would be the newest and finest double bass made in America. I truly believe you have succeeded with #20."

​            Glenn Dewey  - -

              Principal Bassist  for The President's Own U.S. Marine Band and Chamber Orchestra and Professor of Double Bass/Coordinator of Strings at  George Mason University

Tyler Abbot --UOregon Bass Department-- on bass #68.

Also, here is a link to Tyler and Seth (separately) discussing this bass and this piece with Brian McWhorther of Orchestra Next on their podcast.