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October 14, 2020

      Dear Bass Friends,


      It is hard to believe it is already October! Many of you have asked after us regarding the Oregon Forest Fires.  We did have some terrible smoke filled days with ash falling from the sky, and many people who lived 45 miles east of here up the McKenzie River lost everything, The fire is now about 90% contained and Seth and I are safe and sound here in Downtown Eugene, though our hearts go out to those who have been displaced.


     Seth has varnished and set up bass #70, and is now building the extension. Then, after we take some measurements and photos, it will find its way to its student owner.  Speaking of students, our thoughts are with all the students and teachers out there as this weird academic year begins to "settle in" as much as is possible.  Thank you to all the teachers who are doing their best to keep their students moving forward.  And warmest wishes for success to all the students.  Remember, Seth's varnish can be wiped down with alcohol (except #4 and #7 which have still have the original spirit varnish).

     Seth is going to be working part-time with a local non-profit for at least the next 6 months, which means the bass building schedule will be somewhat limited in 2021, so if you want to get on the list, let him know! The group builds small hard-shell shelters called Conestoga Huts (due to their visual similarities to Conestoga Wagons) for un-sheltered folks who are trying to get off the streets.  They are built in a shop and then transported to sites with privacy/security fencing. That's the part he will be helping to organize. The organizations also provides an on-site point person at each camp and access to various mental health and housing access services.  It is pretty neat and he is excited to find a way to use his skills to help out in this crazy time.

     I have just published a bit of Seth's philosophical ramblings about the bass building business in the Our Universe/Philosophy of Bass Making section of the website. You can check it out by clicking on this sentence.


      Wash up, wipe down, mask up, remember to vote, and have fun playing until we can play together again.




      Click the above logo for a link to a credit union that gives loans to its artist/musician members for artistic endeavors such as purchasing an instrumentThey let students co-sign loans with their parents and they are pretty flexible about how you show your income, too. You can buy an instrument with (I think) as little as 10% down and the interest rates are low.  

     The president is even a bass player!

Kimmel basses range from $24-40K, with a 20% discount for any level of student!

     "At no point have I felt like I was being 'sold' a bass. Rather, I felt like this was a collaborative process and that the goal was to work together to create an instrument that would be the newest and finest double bass made in America. I truly believe you have succeeded with #20."

​            Glenn Dewey  - -

              Principal Bassist  for The President's Own U.S. Marine Band and Chamber Orchestra and Professor of Double Bass/Coordinator of Strings at  George Mason University

Chuck Israels playing his Kimmel Busetto corner bass©2016 by Charlie Porter; use dwith permission by Seth Kimmel  Bass maker/luthier of American made, real wood, hand-carved, double bass violins; Eugene, Oregon, USA

Plug in you headphones or speakers and  listen to Chuck Israels and his daughter (and professional vocalist) Jessica perform Take My Sugar To Tea on his original Busetto.

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