Bass Sales

May 11. 2022

  Dear Bass Friends,


     We are having a beautiful cool, wet, very nearly normal feeling Spring here in Eugene. We do not take this peace and beauty of the Pacific Northwest for granted. We visited the Redwoods in northern California the other week and were reminded of why it is important to value nature and he resources.  Hopefully the making of quality instruments, for people to make quality music,  is a worthy endeavor in Mother Nature's eyes.


      In the shop, Seth has finished varnishing the Orchestral Busetto with violin corners on the upper bout (sweet!) for the jazz player --who  it turns out is also an Oberlin Alumna! The Baroque player has received his Pacific Violone and loving playing it tuned in 5ths. Next up a 5/8 Housewright for a college student.


     One of my favorite things about how Seth runs his business is that there is so much flexibility in his design process that there is a bass for everyone out there.

     Maybe you will see peeks at these projects if you follow Seth on Instagram @sethkimmelbass ! 


     Play what you love; love what you play.




      Click the above logo for a link to a credit union that gives loans to its artist/musician members for artistic endeavors such as purchasing an instrumentThey let students co-sign loans with their parents and they are pretty flexible about how you show your income, too. You can buy an instrument with (I think) as little as 10% down and the interest rates are low.  

     The president is even a bass player!

©2019 by Seth Kimmel  Bass maker/luthier of American made, real wood, hand-carved, double bass violins; Eugene, Oregon, USA

Kimmel basses range from $24-40K, with a 20% discount for any level of student!

     "At no point have I felt like I was being 'sold' a bass. Rather, I felt like this was a collaborative process and that the goal was to work together to create an instrument that would be the newest and finest double bass made in America. I truly believe you have succeeded with #20."

​            Glenn Dewey  - -

              Principal Bassist  for The President's Own U.S. Marine Band and Chamber Orchestra and Professor of Double Bass/Coordinator of Strings at  George Mason University

Tyler Abbot --UOregon Bass Department-- on bass #68.

Also, here is a link to Tyler and Seth (separately) discussing this bass and this piece with Brian McWhorther of Orchestra Next on their podcast.