Bass Sales

July 13. 2022

  Dear Bass Friends,


 We  are on the verge of having a giant track meet here in Eugene ("The Worlds" I believe), so if you are here for that, welcome!  Please, feel free to get in contact and arrange a time to come visit our universe.  We are a little oasis conveniently located in downtown Eugene! The city has been busy getting all spiffed up, so in line with that I have added a "Smalls" page showing a few examples of instruments smaller than a 'cello that I have made. 


  Seth is coming into the homestretch on the the 5/8 Housewright for a community orchestra player. Then he has to take a little break to do some house projects to get ready for our new puppy who we will be adopting at the end of July/beginning of August!



     For occassional process photos, often featuring our Oregon Coonhound Cat, Jerry, follow Seth on Instagram @sethkimmelbass ! 


     Play what you love; love what you play.




      Click the above logo for a link to a credit union that gives loans to its artist/musician members for artistic endeavors such as purchasing an instrumentThey let students co-sign loans with their parents and they are pretty flexible about how you show your income, too. You can buy an instrument with (I think) as little as 10% down and the interest rates are low.  

     The president is even a bass player!

©2019 by Seth Kimmel  Bass maker/luthier of American made, real wood, hand-carved, double bass violins; Eugene, Oregon, USA

Kimmel basses range from $24-40K, with a 20% discount for any level of student!

     "At no point have I felt like I was being 'sold' a bass. Rather, I felt like this was a collaborative process and that the goal was to work together to create an instrument that would be the newest and finest double bass made in America. I truly believe you have succeeded with #20."

​            Glenn Dewey  - -

              Principal Bassist  for The President's Own U.S. Marine Band and Chamber Orchestra and Professor of Double Bass/Coordinator of Strings at  George Mason University

Tyler Abbot --UOregon Bass Department-- on bass #68.

Also, here is a link to Tyler and Seth (separately) discussing this bass and this piece with Brian McWhorther of Orchestra Next on their podcast.