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Basses Currently Available for Purchase
Just call to chat about this beauty.
Shipping and bag included.

Thanks to our friend Will Gibbs playing some excerpts for us.

Remember to plug in to speakers or headphones for decent sound!


#62 a Pacific Violone

Click on the first square and it will biggerize all the photos  as a slide show.

PNW Grown Sitka Spruce Top
press to zoom
PNW Western Maple Back
press to zoom
Easily Accessible for Smaller Players
press to zoom
Ebony Bumpers Make Gigging Easier
press to zoom
Classic Hat Peg Rubner Tuning Machines
press to zoom
Fat Violone Scroll and Neck made of
press to zoom
Laura Rose's favorite bass photo angle
press to zoom
Even the "stock wood" is beautiful on Kimmel basses
press to zoom
Minimalist violone corner style
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There are more picture and videos of e#62 The Gallery of Recent Basses.

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