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Come visit us at Shady Grove Moss and Lichen Ranch.

We are just a few miles out of Eugene on the sunny side of Spencer's Butte.  Please call to make arrangements.

Shipping address (do not look for me here; this is a PakMail):

Seth Kimmel

1292 High St.



OR    97401





Tel: FiveFourOne-543-662six


image of Seth Kimmel WEARING A SUIT! standing in front of two upriight basses on stands ©Seth Kimmel 2015 Bass maker/luthier Eugene Oregon:with 2  custom built double bass Violins

There is no such thing as a stupid question. *                                        --They
*However, there ARE frequently asked  questions, so please check the F.A.Q. page before asking again. 

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Have fun playing!

© Seth Kimmel Bass maker bass player in Eugene Oregon
Impressionist style painting of Seth Kimmel and LauraRose Hisrich by Sarah Ann Richards of Seth Kimmel and LauraRose Hisrich holding douoble basses by the necks-used with permission--Kimmel Bass Luthier United States

Painting by Sarah Pardi

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