The Housewright

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Old Photos of an Earlier Housewright:

#18 Maple Sides and Back

     The Housewright 

40 3/8 inch string

41 1/2 inch body

6 1/8 inch rib at button

9 inch rib at saddle

18 inch upper bout

13 inch c bout

25 1/2 inch lower bout

Despite being barely a 3/4 size at best, this bass has lots of power and projects wonderfully, all the way down to that low c.

The Housewright.

Bigger isn't always better.

#33 Western Maple sides and back; Sitka Spruce top

completed March 2014

Sean Peterson, Graduate Teaching Fellow in Musicology Univ. of Oregon, on his Kimmel Housewright (#3)

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