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The Housewright

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Maple Scroll and Ebony C-extension

Old Photos of an Earlier Housewright:

#18 Maple Sides and Back

Sitka Spruce top--hand carved
Hand bent western maple sides

     The Housewright 

40 3/8 inch string

41 1/2 inch body

6 1/8 inch rib at button

9 inch rib at saddle

18 inch upper bout

13 inch c bout

25 1/2 inch lower bout

Despite being barely a 3/4 size at best, this bass has lots of power and projects wonderfully, all the way down to that low c.

The Housewright.

Bigger isn't always better.

All The Notes Included
Gorgeous Western Maple bent back

#33 Western Maple sides and back; Sitka Spruce top

completed March 2014

Sean Peterson, Graduate Teaching Fellow in Musicology Univ. of Oregon, on his Kimmel Housewright (#3)

Plug into some real speakers to hear the bass!

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