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Removable Neck Option

  The removable neck models sound as wonderful as their fixed neck cousins. Two have won awards for tone from VSA and ISB.


You never need to take it off if you don't want to,

but when you need to, 

you'll be glad you're able to

simply unscrew.


Recently Seth improved the look of the button, so it is even harder to tell that it is removable.  

Obviously there are still few differences, but from a galloping horse, no one will ever know. Though we don't recommend carrying your bass on a galloping horse, even with the neck off.

©2019 by Seth Kimmel Custom removable neck upright bass button detail   ©2019 by Seth Kimmel

    The visible hardware is minimal.  In fact, Seth makes a little magnetic wooden peg to cover the hex bolt on the top of the heel, so you just see a round wooden dot there. 

American made removable neck upright bass detail

If you bend down and look, you can see the other hex bolt behind the fingerboard.

Undeneath view of  Seth Kimmel removabl neck bass violin detail  designed and mdein Eugene, Oregon, USA

      After securing the strings to the fingerboard with a bit of velcro strap, you simply use an Allen wrench to unscrew these two bolts.


      Anyone can learn to do this (and reset the occaional fallen soundpost),  with some practice.  


       It isn't something you would do to take your bass across town, or just minutes before an audition, but if you need to fly across the country or an ocean, it is just the ticket.

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