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The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

#1  Do you do repair work? Can you fix my...? 

      Unfortunately, no.  I am not an instrument repair shop; I am a bass manufacturing facility. 

#2  Do you loan basses for extended borrows? Can I borrow a bass when my amazing band comes through Eugene?

      Unfortunately, no.  I do not have any extra basses to loan.  I usually only have my own personal bass, which I need to play for gigs and practices etc. I do have a friend who is sometimes willing to rent her modern carved Romanian bass out for short periods.

#3  Will you make one of your New&extensions for my bass?

      Unfortunately, no.  My scrolls are specifically designed to accept the New& (say "New Ampersand") Extensions that I make for them.

#4  How much do your basses cost?

      Finally, one I can answer with something other than "no."  They are not inexpensive, as I intend for my basses to be capable of lasting a player for their entire career.  On the other hand, I try to hit a reasonable range, given that I believe younger players going through college and graduate school and honing their chops, as well as people who make their living by gigging and teaching, need great instruments. I work hard to make every one sound amazing (insofar as I have control over something so subjective) in addition to being well, and artistically made.

      For a long time we didn't put the cost on the website because it is hard to pin down, but then we came up with "The Pricelist" system. Currently, if you choose a flat back of any model, in my basic wood (which is lovely) with no added frills, the base (haha) price is $26,500.  A carved back, no frills version of any model is $29,500. On top of that we offer "á la carte" pricing where you can choose to use fancy wood, add an extension or removable neck, etc.  The top of the range  with every bell and whistle you can imagine is around $40K.

     We do offer a student discount of 10%. This discount is for any level of student from the time you're tall enough to play a 5/8 size bass through your third PhD.  This means if you choose the basic version of any model, you can still slide in the door for well under $25K for a handmade beauty of a bass

     'Cellos range from $14K to $20K.

    For more information about buying a bass from me, click here to go to the "How To Order A Bass From Seth" sub-page.

#5  How long is your waiting list for a custom order? How many basses do you make a year?

      It varies of course. I try to reserve time at least once a year  to make a bass that is not for an order, but to simply do something I want to try, which will then be for sale either at my workshop or at ISB. Currently I am fully committed for 2024, but my books are still open for 2025.

#6  I'm sure your basses are worth every penny, but do you carry other brands or used basses?

      Unfortunately, no. (Back to that). I do not have the room in my bass manufacturing facility, nor the time in my schedule to offer this service.  FORTUNATELY, there are many great basses for sale out there at both big and small shops around the country.  If you can ever make it to the ISB (International Society of Bassists) biennial convention, it is a good place to get a feel for what's available and talk personally with representatives from many of the bigger instrument houses as well as lots of individual makers from around the country.  

#7  Do you want to buy some high quality Chinese horse hair?



{This is probably literally THE most frequently asked  question, but I doubt those folks are reading this.}

#8  Will you be at the next ISB convention in .......?

I made it to Ann Arbor in 2023. We shall see what the future holds!

image of Carved heart and wood chip spiral ©2019 by Seth Kimmel  Bass maker of American Made Double bass violins
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