Gallery Of Recent Basses

All the models are always available for order. This is what people have chosen recently.

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#71 GrandPa. Living in Knoxville,TN.

#70 Housewright. Living in Wisconsin.


#69 Smallest Milanese--Lives in Massachusetts

#4 'Cello February, 2020. Living in Eugene, Oregon.

#65 Milanese; December 2019. Living in Eugene, Oregon.

#64 Milanese; November 2019. Living in Bellingham, Washington.

#63 Milanese; August 2019. Living in Colorado--I included lots of process photos in this one!


#62   Pacific Violone; April 2019. Lives  at our shop in Eugene, Oregon.

It is for sale for $24K ($19,200 for students)  Come play it when you are ready to travel again!