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'cello #5

 Kimmel 'cello #5 front ©2020 Seth Kimmel
 Kimmel 'cello #5 Western Maple back and sides ©2020 Seth Kimmel
 Kimmel 'cello #5 hand carved scroll back image ©2020 Seth Kimmel
Seth Kimmel 'cello #5 hand carved scroll front view
 Kimmel 'cello #5 Western Maple back image ©2020 Seth Kimmel

    The top of 'cello #5 is hand-carved of tight grain Engelmann spruce sourced from MVS  in B.C., Canada.  It features some nifty natural striping on treble side.

     The back is carved from a piece of highly flamed colorful, striped and spalted quarter-sawn Western Maple which was milled by our friends at Urban Lumber in Springfield, OR, from a tree that was taken down just 2 blocks from our home and shop!

©2020 by Seth Kimmel: Maker of real wood double bass violins and ‘cellos; Made in America in Eugene, Oregon.

What a little cutie-pie!  Here it is playing outside with it's big buddy Seth Kimmel bass #66.

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