#46 was a special order with all the bells and whistles, including custom carving and inlay.


The top is of  Engelmann Spruce.  The sides and carved back is of nicely flamed Western Maple. The removable neck and scroll are also Western Maple with a maple tree carved on the back of the scroll. There is a dried, pressed maple leaf inlaid on the back below the button. The bass is equipped with Rubner tuning machines, with wooden keys with 8 holes in each gear.  It is also equipped with a New& B-Extension.

    The string length is 41 1/4  inches.

     The dimensions across the back of the instrument are as follows: 

        Body length without button:    45 1/4 inches

        Body length with removable neck “button”:   46 3/4” inches

        Upper bout:                    19 1/4   inches

        C-Bout:                           13 7/8  inches

        Lower bout:                     26 3/4  inches

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