BigFoot's Second Guitar


 Sightings frequently reported around Nashville. 

      The top is of straight-grained book-matched ponderosa pine. The carved back is of western maple in three pieces. All highly flamed, the center of the back is slab sawn, and the edge pieces are quarter sawn.  The sides are of quarter sawn highly flamed western maple.  The scroll is quarter-sawn western maple with similar flame and some spalt at the heel. 

    The scroll features hand made hat-peg style pegs fitted onto the Rubner tuning machines which Seth specifically sized for resting the bass on its side.

      The big heart soundport is reinforced by the "corner" blocks, so you just slide your fingers in there to lay it on its side/pick it up, despite it's lack of corners.

    This bass features Seth's removable neck. It plays just as well as his fixed neck basses. You never need to take it off if you don't want to, but when you need to, you'll be glad you're able to

simply unscrew.

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