A bigger bottom bout is what it's all about.  

Orchestral Busetto

        A regular fixed neck with a button makes a nice spot for some custom inlay.  

     You can have Busetto corners with or without the exterior linings.  It's an aesthetic choice. 


     The carved back is of book matched highly flamed quarter sawn walnut. The sides are the same wood.

A B New&Extension makes that big bottom boom.


width at upper bout (back):  19 3/4”

width at c-bout:  13 1/4”

width at lower bout:  27”

length of top: 45 1/4”

length of back w/ button: 45 5/8”

string length: 41 1/16”

Sloane tuning machines with Viennese style keys. Seth drills 8 holes in each gear to reduce weight the top.

     The top is Redwood salvaged from old concrete forms which the workers were savvy enough to save and hoard--allowing it out only for special projects like this--from modern Bridge of the Gods construction when the Columbia River was dammed in 1940 for the Bonneville Dam.

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